Power Bands (Set of 2)

Was: $49.99
Sale Price: $39.99


  • Never miss a workout
  • Versatile resistance exercises replicate exercise machines and free-weights
  • Tone and strengthen your entire body
  • Improve mobility in hips, legs and shoulders
  • Boosts quickness in lateral movements
  • Improve your sports performance
  • Increase your strength and stability
  • Build muscular endurance and maximize body-weight workouts

Never miss a workout, even when you can’t get to your brick-and-mortar gym. Powerbands are the most versatile and convenient way to achieve your fitness goals.

They let you replicate the kinds of resistance you get with exercise machines or free weights – and create all kinds of resistance you can only get with powerbands. So they can replace your gym when you can’t get there – and complement what you can do at the gym, anytime. 

Powerbands also add variety and freshness to the ways you can target specific muscle groups. You’ll be able to tone your upper body, legs, glutes, and core while your build your strength and stamina.