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iX3 PRE-ALPHA Ingredient Breakdown

iX3 PRE-ALPHA Ingredient Breakdown


Your Guide to an Informed Decision-This may be alot of info but you should know what you are taking.

Our pre-workout supplement iX3 PRE-ALPHA has a list of several ingredients which make it highly effective and great tasting at the same time. The main components, which make each serving of 1 scoop, are categorized on the basis of various blends. In other words, each product benefit is achieved through a blend of certain ingredients while the remaining components provide additional benefits. 

iX3 PRE-ALPHA Main Ingredients

The main ingredients of our effective pre-workout formula include:


2.ATP Energy/Endurance Blend

3.Mental Alertness/Anti-Fatigue Blend

4.Creatine Uptake Blend

 1. L-Arginine AKG

Essentially, Arginine is an amino acid while L-Arginine is one of its several L-Forms. It has plenty of health benefits to offer, some of which include the production of protein, maintaining cardiac health, enhancing blood-vessel performance, etc. Similarly, a mixture comprising of Arginine and Alpha-Ketoglutaric Acid, L-Arginine AKG, provides benefits specific to bodybuilding needs. Needless to say, L-Arginine is one of the main ingredients of iX3 PRE-ALPHA. Since it is primarily responsible for intense muscular pumps, taking the supplement 20 to 30 minutes before the workout enhances the exercise performance remarkably. L-Arginine AKG converts essential nutrients into energy and has the ability to enhance the flow of blood. As a result, the muscles have an increased blood and oxygen flow reaching them during a heavy-duty workout session. 

2. The ATP Energy/Endurance Blend

Energy is produced through the breakdown of nutrients and is stored in the form of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Since there is a short span of retention for ATP energy, it is crucial for athletes and bodybuilders to ensure that the production of ATP energy is uninterrupted during their workout session. This need is well addressed by the blend of the following ingredients of iX3 PRE-ALPHA

I.DiCreatine Malate

This is a salt which consists of creatine and malic acid. Both of these components have the ability to produce energy while storing protein nutrients for intense muscular energy during exercise. Similarly, the component of malic acid in this ingredient is extremely useful for meeting the requirements of intense stamina during weight training and bodybuilding. Creatine is an important component for water retention necessary for enhancing muscle size. Overall, DiCreatine Malate provides instant boost of energy and muscle size while improving energy production and storage during intense workouts.


This is an amino acid commonly found in food items with high protein content, such as poultry, pork, beef, etc. It is included in the Endurance Blend of iX3 PRE-ALPHA because of its following benefits:

Increased Endurance, Anaerobic and Aerobic alike

Enhanced Muscle Mass and Strength

High Endurance


Being an ergogenic aid, Caffeine has a positive impact on the heart rate, stamina, and blood flow. It is a stimulant which improves the adrenaline amount. Subsequently, caffeine is useful for athletes involved in high endurance workouts as well as for those who undertake short but extremely intense workout sessions. It delays muscle fatigue, produces power in muscle cells, and basically increases endurance during exercise.


L-Tyrosine is another one of the amino acids used in our formula and provides a high-focused, physical and mental energy boost when taken before working out.Since it is protein's building block, L-Tyrosine is essential for relieving stress during high endurance workout sessions. With improved cognitive performance because of L-Tyrosine in our supplement, athletes and bodybuilders are able to utilize their physical energy most effectively during exercise.

3. The Mental Alertness/Anti-Fatigue Blend

iX3 PRE-ALPHA includes the following ingredients to form a perfect blend to give you the benefits of anti-fatigue and mental alertness during workout:


This amino acid is found in heart and skeletal muscles, white blood cells, and the nervous system. We have included Taurine in our supplement as an antioxidant which enables muscle contraction as well as osmoregulation during exercise. Essentially, the level of taurine in the body is reduced during intense exercise. Taking this ingredient through our supplement leads to delayed exhaustion and fatigue while accelerating recovery from it. The improvement in endurance due to Taurine clearly results in an improved performance during exercise.

ii.Waxy Maize

Similar to the starch properties of corn, Waxy Maizecontains the corn starch called amylopectin. Not only does it have the ability of fast absorption, waxy maize also has anti-fatigue properties. This benefit becomes much more worthwhile with Waxy Maize because it is the most rapidly absorbed form of carbohydrate.


This chemical enhances physical as well as cognitive performance during workouts. Glucuronolactone has the potential to prevent fatigue caused by intense exercise while improving strength gains. Among cognitive benefits, Glucuronolactone improves mental alertness, increases reaction times, and enhances concentration levels in athletes and bodybuilders.


The natural organic compound, called Glycocyamine, is included in iX3 PRE-ALPHA because it eventually converts into creatine. This means that Glycocyamine becomes an active bodybuiding ingredient called creatine, which primarily increases the power output in intense workout enthusiasts. This increase in their power leads to immense delays in fatigue during exercise.

v.L-Citrulline Malate

Heavy-duty workout sessions cause the production of a toxic material called ammonia which should enter the normal procedure called urea cycle. L-Citrulline Malate offers the benefits of converting the produced ammonia into urea. It also lowers the production of ammonia altogether. This leads to less fatigue and improved contraction of muscles during workout. Since L-Citrulline Malate is also responsible for producing higher levels of Nitric Oxide, it leads to better recovery and repair caused by fatigue.


Since it is important for bodybuilders to create a perfect balance between physical and mental performance during their workout, it is important they take a pre-workout supplement which offers both types of strength and endurance. iX3 PRE-ALPHA ensures that the reaction times are appropriately increased while mental sharpness and alertness is at its peak with the ingredient called Vincamine. Since it widens the blood vessels, Vincamine improves blood flow that reaches the brain. As a result, bodybuilders have high focus and concentration during their workout, necessary to make their session highly effective.

4. The Creatine Uptake Blend

Essentially, Creatine is present in muscle as it is produced by the pancreas, liver, and kidney. It is an organic acid which comprises of three amino acids. Due to its ability to supply energy required for muscle contraction, Creatine uptake through external sources and supplements is necessary for athletes and bodybuilders. iX3 PRE-ALPHA contains the following ingredients to increase Creatine levels before a heavy-duty exercise regime:

I.Betaine Anhydrous

The use of Betaine Anhydrous in our Creatine Uptake Blend enhances the nutritional versatility of iX3 PRE-ALPHA. While urea is increased as a toxic by-product of energy metabolism, the chemical called Betaine Anhydrous neutralizes its negative impact. This ingredient in our blend helps prohibit urea from blocking or lowering energy supply and production.

II.Guanidino Propionic Acid

Increased Creatine levels result in extra energy transported to the muscle cells. This benefit is achieved through the addition of Guanidino Propionic Acid in iX3 PRE-ALPHA. As a result, this essential component in the Creatine Uptake Blend allows athletes and bodybuilders to keep their insulin function well-regulated during exercise. Moreover, there is a boost in fatigue-resistance and energy levels.

IX3 Pre-Alpha Remaining Ingredients

The following list of ingredients is also part of our product, in order to make iX3 PRE-ALPHA extremely effective as a pre-workout supplement:


Out of the many natural minerals with immense significance for improving health, iX3 PRE-ALPHA includes Potassium. It enhances the functions of primary organs like the heart, kidney, etc.


iX3 PRE-ALPHA also consists of an important, energy-producing vitamin from the B-Complex family, called Vitamin Bor Thiamine.It plays an active role in accelerating their recovery from post-exercise weariness. Similarly, it has the potential to prevent fatigue to a large extent.


Another essential vitamin, Riboflavin or B2, improves the energy metabolism. At the same time, Riboflavin is essential to repair damaged cells and muscles as well as produce cells and muscle mass.

Niacin (20 mg)

Niacin is also known as Vitamin Bwhich is soluble in nature and increases HDL cholesterol levels necessary for intense workouts.

Vitamin B6

There is a wide range of molecular categories in the body whose functions depend upon Vitamin B6. In terms of athletic and muscle building needs, this vitamin plays the crucial role of processing the good carbohydrates and converting them into energy.

Folic Acid

Folic Acid is Vitamin Bwhich is responsible for producing and maintaining new cells. As a result, muscle cells that undergo damage during workouts can be replaced with new cells with the intake of Folic Acid through iX3 PRE-ALPHA.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 or Cobalamin is another essential nutrient included in iX3 PRE-ALPHA. It produces nerve and red blood cells while enhancing the immune system.

Pantothenic Acid

This is a vitamin with the key benefit of energy production necessary for strength gains and muscular pumps. It also produces and maintains red blood cells.


The benefits of Calcium are widely known, mainly for its ability to strengthen bones.  iX3 PRE-ALPHA, being a pre-workout supplement, includes Calcium so as to provide the desired nutrition for an instant boost to bone strength prior to an intense workout session. Recent studies have shown less of a decrease in blood calcium levels if calcium is supplemented before an intense workout. Pre-workout calcium supplementation may also benefit hormone levels positively and is an important part of muscular contraction.


The pre-workout intake of Phosphorus is important because it develops a molecule called ATP which essentially stores energy. Additional benefits include protein production required to repair, build, and maintain muscle mass.


This ingredient in iX3 PRE-ALPHA is crucial for increasing the pace of recovery after extreme workouts. Apart from fatigue recovery, Magnesium also aids in eliminating inflammation caused during intense exercises.


Chromium is essential for enhancing the ability of muscles to absorb additional nutrients of the supplement. It leads to muscle growth as well as instant boost in the protein and carbohydrate metabolism.