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ImSoAlpha Wrist Wraps

Price: $24.99

ImSoAlpha Wrist Wraps

  • Pair of 20" Wraps
  • Multi-purpose
  • Helps with Wrist Pain and Stabilization
  • Helps Avoid Injury


Instead of your wrists being bent wrong, fatigued, or strained, wearing wrist wraps will actually help to keep your wrists stabilized, tight, and secure so that you can lift and target the muscles you want to focus on instead of your wrists taking all the strain.

For some, it may not make so much of a difference to use them and/or for others they just simply don’t want to wear them because they are looked down upon in the fitness world.

But let it be known that wrist wraps are beneficial because they can help you stabilize the weight on your hands and wrists and keep you from using your shoulder strength when curling it is also beneficial so you can avoid any injuries.