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Product Description

Pure Performance Powder

When we formulated our PreWorkout supplement, we wanted not only to feel the euphoric rush of bar-bending intensity, we wanted to promote lean mass gains and burn fat. P(3) contains no fillers, artificial colors or flavors and is sucralose, ace-k and aspartame free!


  • Increase strength and endurance
  • Maximize energy labels throughout training
  • Decrease muscle fatigue
  • Increase time to failure
  • Improve overall muscle performance
  • Encourage and faciliatate blood flow and nutrient delivery to muscles before, during and after training.

FLAVOR:  Strawberry Lemonade


Begin by using half a scoop with 6oz of water 30 minutes pre-workout to assess tolerance. For a full serving, mix one scoop with 8-12 oz of water and consume 30 minutes before resistance or cardiovascular training.

P(3) has both immediate and cumulative effects that increase with prolonged use. Do not exceed 2 scoops in a single serving or in a 24 hour period. It is recommended to consume plenty of water during any intense resistance or cardiovascular training session.


Why include trivial ingredients that amount to no benefit to performance? The answer is window dressing. There is no easier way to make an average place look nicer than it is, just ask your mom. Companies love to include expensive ingredients to make there products seem more impressive, but at as little as 1/10th of the effective dosage, we have to ask; what's the point? Every ingredient in P(3) has been chosen for exact purpose and is dosed to allow the user to see and feel its benefits. P(3) contains no confusing and deceiving proprietary blends, just exactly what you need to have the best workout of your life, every time!


Look at the label of your current Pre-Workout Powder. Do you even know what you are drinking? We do - filler. In one product we reviewed, one of the ingredients was an endangered plant and another ingredient was simply….an Orange Tree. Yes, indeed, an orange tree. Not the extract of an orange tree, an actual orange tree. And that energy you felt? Yup, that was the abundance of caffeine.

When we formulated our PreWorkout supplement, we wanted not only to feel the euphoric rush of bar-bending intensity, we wanted to promote lean mass gains and burn fat. We wanted real ingredients based on real science manufactured in a state-of-the-art, NSF GMP Certified facility with no useless ingredients. Get ready for P(3).

P(3) FAQs

Will P(3) keep me up at night?

Due to the low stimulant nature of P(3), it is unlikely to keep you awake at night, however for those that are very sensitive or experience regular issues sleeping; we recommend you do not consume P(3) within 3 hours of your bedtime.

Will P(3) make me jittery or cause anxiety?

P(3) uses a state of the art ingredient profile intended to maximize and amplify your physical training capabilities. The caffeine usage in P(3) is kept to a minimum level, and we do not use any synthetic or designer stimulants in order to avoid the negative health and wellness side-effects that they cause. Those who are very sensitive to stimulation should absolutely start with a ½ scoop serving to assess tolerance.

How long before my workout should I drink P(3)?

We recommend drinking P(3) 20 minutes before your workout. Alternatively, many people chose to start drinking their P(3) about 20 minutes before the workout and finish it as they start their workout session.

Can I take Multiple times per day?

Yes! For those who train 2 times per day, you can take a serving of P(3) before each session to maximize your performance and capacity within each workout. The maximum recommended dosage for advanced users within a 24-hour period is 2 scoops.

What should I mix my P(3) with?

We recommend mixing your P(3) with 12 ounces of cold water, however you may also mix it with juice or gatorade for additional carbohydrate or to adjust taste to your liking.

Can P(3) be “stacked” or taken in conjunction with other pre-workout products?

P(3) is a complete and comprehensive training supplement, however it may be  combined with other non-stimulant pre-workouts designed to enhance workout aspects such as vasodilation or “pump”. A great combination is P(3) alongside MTS Nutrition Vasky. We DO NOT recommend combining P(3) with stimulant based pre-workouts as the resulting stimulant intake is too high and can negatively affect the workout experience.

What is the maximum dosage of P(3)?

We recommend starting with a ½ scoop of P(3) to assess your tolerance to its full and complete ingredient profile. From there the full recommended dosage is full scoop. The maximum recommended dosage for advanced users within a 24-hour period is 2 scoops. To re-iterate, on a single serving basis, no more than 1 scoop of P(3) is needed, as 1 scoop contains full clinical doses of all the key ingredients that make the formula amazing.

How much caffeine does P(3) contain?

P(3) contains approximately 100mg of Caffeine per serving.

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