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Product Description


  • Promotes joint function, mobility and flexibility*

  • Provides cognitive health support*

  • Provides antioxidant support* 

  • Helps fight against free radicals* 

  • Supports immune system*

  • Boosts liver function* 


Popping up everywhere these days, and for good reason: Turmeric, the primary source of Curcumin, appears to be a potent inflammation blocker and what has been referred to by many as the all-around “Spice of Life”.

Researching Turmeric, you’ll find long lists of potential benefits.

Digestive and Respiratory.
Joint Support and Muscle Recovery.
Chronic and Acute Pain Management.
Wound Care, Skin Irritations and Anti-Aging.
Mental State and Brain Functionality.
Weight Loss and Metabolism Regulation.
Diabetes, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels.
Overall Health and Anti-Inflammatory Support.

Has even shown to be beneficial with Cancer treatment and prevention.

Wherever inflammation is a problem, Turmeric has displayed a positive ability to provide anti-inflammatory re-enforcement and since inflammation is associated with just about every health condition, Turmeric could very well be the “Spice of Life”.

What Is Curcumin

Curcumin is a naturally occurring yellow pigment derived from Turmeric (Curcuma Longa), a flowering plant of the ginger family. It has traditionally been used as a coloring and flavoring spice in food products.

Long been used in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines as an anti-inflammatory agent, evidence has linked turmeric to the healing of wounds, relieve of joint pains and sprained muscles, liver and skin diseases as well as respiratory or gastrointestinal problems.

Turmeric Diet or Supplement Capsule

The primary difference between consuming turmeric as a spice versus capsule is the amount of the actual curcumin and curcuminoid compounds, which are important to the effects of turmeric. Turmeric powder contains a very small amount of curcumin, while capsule forms use extracts and increase the amount of curcumin to a much higher range. 

Therefore, it’s not unusual for a capsule containing half of a gram of turmeric extract to provide 400 mg of curcuminoids, while the same of amount spice may only provide about 15mg.

Taking Turmeric as a supplement is more often associated with daily support for overall health and ailment support while consuming Turmeric as a spice, though beneficial is not enough to meet the daily recommendations of 500 to 1000mg. Rule of thumb is that there are 200mg of curcumin in one teaspoon of ground Turmeric. (Varies depending on source and origins.)

About 500 milligrams of curcuminoids a day is a good wellness dose for keeping inflammation away and promoting gut health.

What’s Bioperine and How does it help?

Bioperine, a standardized Black Pepper Extract (Piper Nigrum), contains 95 percent Piperine, which has potential health benefits and is used to dramatically enhance the absorption of whole food and dietary supplements.

BioPerine® is the only product sourced out of Piperine to obtain a patented status for its ability to increase the bio-availability of nutritional compounds, enhancing the benefits of Turmeric.

Piperine makes turmeric more ‘bio-available’ in the body which means that it allows the spice to saturate the body completely before its benefits are lost.

When combined with Organic Turmeric from ImSoAlpha, the result is an organic anti-inflammatory supplement that offers the best healing and support properties compared to many other products on the market.  

Organic Turmeric with Bioperine from ImSoAlpha

Organic Turmeric supplements from Optimal Alpha are not a cut above the rest just because they come with BioPerine.

A lot of energy and preparation went into the decision making of our newest product to ensure that we could include everyone and that no one would be left out.

Each bottle comes with 120 vegetable capsules, that are non-GMO, gluten-free and each capsule comprises of 450 mg of Certified Organic Turmeric and 10 mg of BioPerine.

Our Turmeric supplement is an organic anti-inflammatory supplement that offers the best healing and support properties on the market and challenges

Lifters. Yogis. Cyclists. Athletes. Climbers. Crossfit. Everyday people.



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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